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Ruth Castro, ASW

Academic Trauma

Writing this post has been quite challenging because it involves processing trauma which is not always easy. This post is about my experience as a first-generation, low-income student in academia.

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Alejandra Alvarez, LMFT

La Terapia de Pareja

¡En español! ¿Por Qué Importa la Terapia de Pareja? Cuando pensamos en la terapia de pareja, generalmente imaginamos un esfuerzo heroico de la pareja queriendo resolver un error casi imperdonable.

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Alejandra Alvarez, LMFT

How to Recognize Your Own Biases

What are Biases? How Do We Acquire Them? Biases are preconceived notions and or inclinations against a particular subject. These notions create preconceptions about ideas, groups of people, behaviors, etc

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