Cynthia Flores, AMFT & Coach

Helping You Reclaim Your Wellness & Power

Cynthia Flores is a first Gen Mexican-American, from the land of the Americas (from Purepecha lands, Michoacan, Mexico and she currently occupies Ohlone land-San Francisco, Ca). She is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#111413), Empowerment Coach, Speaker, and Mental Health Consultant. She currently works in community mental health and provides trauma-informed, culturally & social justice therapeutic services to children, adults, and families in the Latinx community.

Additionally, she is the Networking Manager for PsychoSocial and the Co-Founder of Reclaiming Wellness, a movement within PsychoSocial born with the intention of building community, networking, supporting, and engaging in collective healing and liberation for Mental Health Professionals of Color.

Her work lies in the intersection of centering Black Indigenous, People of Color/Latinx mental health, spirituality, social justice, collective healing, decolonize mental health & therapy, reclaiming wellness, ancestral/intergenerational trauma, healing internalized oppression, and the impact that these have on our mind, body, soul, spirit and the collective.

Cynthia also empowers individuals through Coaching. She integrates a holistic approach and guides people as they embark on their healing journey, reclaim their wellness, power, and voice, and manifest Soul Purpose through evidence-based approaches such as energy psychology, ancestral/traditional healing approaches, mindfulness, meditation, visualization, and embodiment practices. 

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