Mental Health Screening


MHA’s online screening tools support these individuals by providing a free, anonymous, and confidential place to explore their symptoms through the use of scientifically validated assessments to learn more about mental health and to find support for their mental health journey.

…Screening serves as a first step in the process to address mental health concerns early, before a point of crisis.

…A partnership dedicated to educating and creating access to mental health knowledge!

Fast & Easy Mental Health Screenings

Are you experiencing symptoms impacting your mental health? Do you have questions about what certain behaviors may mean in terms of diagnosis?Screening tools are one way to gauge what the underlying issue(s) may be, and they can be helpful when seeking resources and help.

Click on the desired screening to begin your confidential assessment.

*Disponible en Español en el sitio web. Desplácese hasta la parte inferior del cuestionario y seleccione “Español“.

*Your score does not indicate that you have one of these diagnoses, simply that you may have some of the uncomfortable feelings associated with the disorders.