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An important part of PsychoSocial's mission is to create and bring you mental health media content. By doing so, it is our hope that we are bringing awareness about the importance of mental health. Even in this day and age the stigma around mental health is still present. Yet, we have made great strides in our understanding and have taken steps to acknowledge the importance of keeping not only a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. However, we still face many obstacles such as lack of accessibility, affordability, and culturally accessible services. PsychoSocial strives to bring attention to these obstacles and continue our mission to #EndtheStigma

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Through the Eyes of a Therapist is a podcast created by Cristal Martinez, LPC. In her podcast, she discusses various mental health topics. She recently interviewed PsychoSocial’s Founder, Luis Cornejo about his experience as an MFT. In the interview, Luis shares about his preparation as an undergrad, his experience in his master’s program at California State Universtiy, Long Beach, his practicum, and his path to licensure as a Marriage & Family Therapist. The episode is “Becoming a Therapist-How Marriage & Family Therapist are Made!” (Part 1).

You can learn more about Cristal’s work at

If you’re a millennial, or if you were paying attention to life in the early 2000s, you may remember the iconic pop princess, Britney Spears!  She has had an eventful life in the public eye…and what better way to dissect her resilience than with my returning guest on the show, Luis Cornejo, founder of Psychosocial Media, Marriage and Family therapist, and all-out Britney fan!

Takeaways from this episode:

Hear how Luis was inspired by Britney to pursue a career in mental health.

Precipitating events can trigger a cascade of issues.

Britney’s career may have impacted her mental health status.

Money and fame can’t prevent mental illness or emotional decline.

Privilege impacts recovery.

Child stars feel immense pressure to perform, and celebrities are trained to sell themselves as a product/brand.

Acá entre nos – A Spanglish Podcast: Season 2, Episode 9 Our host Kelsey has a conversation with the amazing Psychotherapist and Networking Director of Psychosocial Cynthia Flores, AMFT about Intergenerational Trauma. Cynthia goes into What Intergenerational Trauma is, how to define it in your own life, and how to over come it and process it. Listen now, you will definitely enjoy this informative episode, and don’t forget to tell us what you think? Blessings!

On this episode Podcast host Juan Miramontes interviews Luis Cornejo of PsychoSocial Media, a media company focused on spreading knowledge of mental health. Listen and be inspired by Luis taking his profession and creating something that inspires him.