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Through the Eyes of a Therapist

Through the Eyes of a Therapist is a podcast created by Cristal Martinez, LPC. Cristal is a mental health clinician, advocate, boxer, drummer, healer, podcaster, blogger and creative spirit. She founded Through the Eyes of a Therapist podcast in January 2018 and launched in February 2018. Her podcast discusses various mental health topics and includes a variety of guests from a diverse mental health specialties. Cristal is also a guest blogger on PsychoSocial and has contributed works such as "​Demystifying Therapy Part 1: Just. Do. It."

Latinx Therapy

Adriana Alejandre is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Los Angeles. Latinx Therapy began as a bilingual podcast in April 2018 and quickly expanded to be a nationwide community for not only mental health professionals but also for the public. Latinx Therapy provides search options for bilingual non-profits that help our community for free with services like mental health, legal, education, food banks and more. The Latinx Therapy Directory is where individuals can find their therapists and psychologists based off their needs, language preference and budget. Carefully selected self-help books, mental health apps, YouTube channels, podcasts and downloadable infographics are also found in the website. Latinx Therapy is proudly in partnership with Mental Health America, and DREAMers Roadmap!

Melanin & Mental Health

Melanin & Mental Health™ was born out of a desire to connect individuals with culturally competent clinicians committed to serving the mental health needs of Black & Latinx/Hispanic communities. We are committed to promoting the growth and healing of our communities through our website, online directory, and monthly events. We regularly receive inquiries from people across the country asking if we know of clinicians in their area. Because of this, we are planning events in cities across the US to help us connect clinicians with those potential clients and give us more insight about the way these cities are changing the mental health game. If you are interested in Melanin and Mental Health™ coming to a city near you, send us an email and will work with you to make it happen. Between Sessions Podcast: [dope therapists + dope conversations] Two brown chicks changing the face of therapy on both sides of the couch.

To Be: Gay

Breaking stereotypes by telling stories to discover what it really means, To Be: Gay. A New podcast inviting men from all different walks of life to share their stories on life as a gay man. Stories of struggles, accomplishments, pain, joy and everything in between

Acá entre nos - A Spanglish Podcast

"Acá entre nos" - A Spanglish Podcast is a show hosted by Kelsey B. Arellano, which specializes in platicas de psicoeducacion, therapy within the Latinx community, community activities, and social/cultural problemas within our communities; we utilizing pop culture for uplifting marginalized voices, specifically those of the Latinx and Afro-Latinx communities. The goal is to destigmatize the utilization of mental wellness resources and remedies. We hope to bring light to daily microaggressions that people of the Latinx communities navigate in our personal/working lives.

We aim to psychoeducate a nuestra gente which is the process of educating individuals and families about their "symptomatology" and other psychological aspects to help them better understand the topic that has been taboo for so long in our communities. The show aims to incorporate pop culture, literature, academia, and personal experiences to break down the impact of racial, social, and economic inequalities that affect the physical and emotional well being of the individuals in our communities, as well as, diving into the intricacies of lived experiences in a way where listeners feel connected to themselves, their communities, and the podcast.

We can be found on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Play, and other podcast supporting apps such as, Castbox. You can also find a direct link through our website.

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Who Knows?

Who Knows? is a podcast that has transparent conversations with tons of different people about many different subjects all in promotion of communicating more about self love and mental health in our day to day lives. Who Knows? was created in an effort to pull back the curtain on the human experience. The journeys that people go on, the questions that they have, the mistakes that they make, and the utter confusion that can surround the constant strive for a life well lived. To show that even though we are all unique, we are all working towards a lot of the same goals in life, and while success is to be celebrated, we should acknowledge the work that we do to get there. We have conversations with people from all different walks of life on just about anything we can think of. Things that are tough to talk about such as race and religion, things that really should be simple to talk about like friendships, relationships, as well as careers, things we enjoy in life, and tips based on what we have learned so far. Not only do we strive to have these conversations, but we want to show that they can and should be had in order to bring us all closer as people and to show that we all have a lot more in common than we let on in our day to day life.

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