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Guillermo and Jazmyne are two best friends looking to find success and acceptance with the little resources (and sobriety) they have. Functional is a new web series that focuses on topics within the LGBTQ+ and Latinx community highlighting the highs and lows that the modern world has to offer. Written and created by Daniel Luna, a proud Colorado native raised by first generation immigrant parents. Like his upbringing, Functional sets to prove how better the world can thrive when we embrace our individuality and backgrounds.

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Daniel Luna - Writer/Creator

As a proud son two immigrants and a Colorado native, Daniel seemed to always be stuck between many worlds. At home you would see him acting out various characters inspired by Telenovelas. At school he was your typical awkward brown kid trying to assimilate and fit in. As he grew older Daniel learned to embrace the three cultures he was born into: Latin culture, American culture and as he would later find out, Queer culture. Acting later became a safe haven where he found opportunities to grow and learn more about himself through other characters. After graduating from MSU Denver in Business Management, he moved to Los Angeles and began seeking out stories that were true to his passion. Writing Functional has been a therapeutic process for him where he was able to speak out about some insecurities and events he had growing up. Through this series his main goal is to inspire more individuals to create their stories as well.

Cheska Bacaltos- Director

Cheska having lived in the Philippines until, at age 19, has always wanted to tell stories. After graduating UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Film and Digital Media she did just that! Having recently wrapped on her own hit web series, It's Complicated, she jumped on board to direct Functional. Cheska enjoys writing and creating comedic content that focuses on minorities and the unusual circumstances (or shenanigans) we go through. As a graduate of Second City Hollywood, she also loves improvising and performing on stage. When not working, she is most likely rock climbing, playing with her cats, or travelling the world in search for the best street food.

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