Traditional Arts Roundtable Series (TARS) (March-June 2020)

Since 2008, our Traditional Arts Roundtable Series (TARS) has been designed to strengthen intercultural traditional arts networks and to offer opportunities for traditional and tradition-based artists and arts advocates to learn from one another through dialogue, technical assistance, networking, and sharing of community-based arts and culture. 

2020: Cur’Arte in San Francisco

In early 2020, ACTA will relaunch its Bay Area sessions with Cur’Arte: A Traditional Arts Roundtable Series. Cur’Arte is a take on the Spanish word curarteor “to heal (you).” Our term highlights arte, or art, to emphasize the health benefits that the arts offer to creators, participants, and audiences. ACTA has been at the forefront of studies, discussions, and practices centered on the many roles that traditional arts play at the intersection of community and public health. We are eager to deepen and highlight these contributions in an emerging field in the Bay Area through this series of free roundtable sessions that will take place in different venues in San Francisco. Cur’Arte is generously supported by the San Francisco Arts Commission. Additional support provided by the California Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

San Francisco TARS Contact: Julián Antonio Carrillo, Program Manager
San Francisco Field Office | | (415) 346-5200

Next Event

Singing Wellness in Unison
March 28 | 3 – 5 PM at Community Music Center
Join artists of the Omnira Institute and the CMC’s Older Adult Choir Program, as well as health researchers, as they share their voice and reflections on wellness

Upcoming San Francisco Events

Saludarte: Anchoring Health Equity through Culture
May 16 | 1 3 PM at the Center for New Music
The Alliance for California Traditional Arts will share a new publication, Saludarte, and insights on the work of elevating traditional arts practices that center community knowledge and culture in campaigns for health equity

The Stories We Eat: Food as Healing Practice
June 14 | 1 3 PM at the Randall Museum
Join artists and cultural organizers in this exploration of the intersection of health, foodways, and storytelling


Mar 28 2020 - Jun 14 2020



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San Francisco TARS Contact: Julian Antonio Carillo, Program Manager
(415) 346-5200
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