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Luis Cornejo, LMFT

Guided Meditation for Relaxation

Spend some time sitting with yourself and practice self-soothing… We’re going to start by sitting in a comfortable position, both feet on the ground, and you can either keep your

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Sonia Fregoso, LMFT

Rose Quartz Meditation

Connecting with your self… The current state of our society can be triggering for many, and it is triggering our body’s memory. Our brain perceives a threat and our body’s

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Mental Health
Karen Vejar

Escape From the Concrete Jungle

      Nature is the phenomena of the physical world collectively. It includes plants, animals, natural landscapes, and other wonders all around us. Before humans began to industrialize, it

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LaTianna Williams, AMFT, MS, CTRS

12 Hacks to Declutter Your Mind

“The brain’s response to any demand is considered stress.” -National Institute of Mental Health    Do you ever find yourself bombarded with thought after thought? What am I going to

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