Category: Mental Health

Alejandra Alvarez, LMFT

How to Recognize Your Own Biases

What are Biases? How Do We Acquire Them? Biases are preconceived notions and or inclinations against a particular subject. These notions create preconceptions about ideas, groups of people, behaviors, etc

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Alejandra Alvarez, LMFT

¿Tengo Ataques de Nervios?

¿Qué es un a taque de nervios? El término “ataque de nervios” es parte del vocabulario de uso diario en español y generalmente abarca una variedad de síntomas como: sentirse

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Zeyda Garcia, LPCC

Going Back to Work After COVID19

For the Past Year and 4 Months… We have shared a collective experience that has impacted us on so many levels. We’ve been through loss, worry, sadness, stress and so

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