• alyssacalamari says:

    Thank you Eddy for sharing your story. I hope by you sharing your story empowers others to accept therapy and help. You’re very brave.

  • Antonio2020 says:

    What people lose sight of is if you want to get better, you have to take action to heal. Sometimes taking action can just be going for a walk but we owe it to ourselves to stay strong. Being and staying strong isn’t easy. Healing isn’t easy. We never really get to stop being strong. However, nothing is more rewarding than looking back and thanking yourself for wanting to heal.

  • dlazaro says:

    Eddy’s story is such an inspiration. Forgiving an abuser is no small feat, and to confront them is so brave! I know his story will help others break generational traumas as well ⭐️

  • sararod says:

    I love seeing the freedom that you share through out your story. It takes away the shame of talking about true struggles. Thank you for being part of that healing in our family!

  • barbaraaguirre13 says:

    All of the times that you chose to walk through that door and speak to your therapist, even when you felt like running, are the times you decided to show up for yourself. Sometimes that is the hardest part! Your story is motivation for anyone that is ready to choose love. Anyone ready to face themselves and make a change. I am rooting for you.

  • kbardfield says:

    Facing your past traumas by going to therapy to work through them is a huge step – and sharing that you did so is even bigger. It’s so difficult to admit to yourself that you have past trauma which still affects your life. It’s even scarier to expose that dark part of your life. Thank you Eddy for sharing your story and for setting the example for your family that it’s time to break the cycle.

  • jflo says:

    As flawed humans with so much past hurt and trauma that we all carry, it’s tremendously powerful for anyone courageous enough to speak up and share their experiences. In doing so, they’re opening doors and opportunities for people to emotionally relate to and share their own. Thank you Eddy for sharing a part of you that will only empower you to keep living your beautiful TRUTH.

  • chloereichert says:

    Eddy I’m so proud to know you, and proud of the ways you have embraced therapy and faced this work head on. Your impact is already being seen, but I know it will be much greater than we will understand.

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