• LaTianna says:

    Man that is so sad, I never heard about him… only in a rap song actually !! It’s hard as working at the state mental hospital we work with some anti personality disorder it really is nurture vs nature and environment that determines how it can play out. Hollywood glamorizes it but we also do in our heads. We think how unbelievable but nooo really this has happened !! Especially when there was not much technology to capture people. It’s hard to be a serial killer now. It’s almost like a crazy era that i hope we don’t experience ever again… but still it can happen, 😫

    • Yes! It is definitely very interesting and I think that’s what keeps us so entranced. But the truth is these were bad people who felt no remorse for the pain they caused and sadly their victims families were left to hold all the pain. I agree with you too, I definitely believe that its both nature and nurture. We might never fully understand or be able to predict 100% who is capable of these acts, but at least we’ve developed some understanding from research.

  • do you have othere reference?

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